Facing Fate: The Zodiac Era is the final game in the Zodiac trilogy series. The setting takes focus circa 500 B.C. The Golden Age (Ivalice), following the event circa Quaternary 2017, prior to the fall of Gaia after the defeat of Lumière, the Sun God circa 1800.

Character Profiles

Final Fantasy IX Type-0 lore:
Paradise is a concept of relative prominence. It is one of the central beliefs and is essentially their"heaven". The Maenads uses Paradise to entice followers into its religion.
It differs from believer to believer. Lumière, believes paradise will only open to those who have maintained faith.

The Maenads are said to physically resemble humanoid automaton; stalwart yet unvarnished. They have an ample power of sentience. The Maenads, much like their ancestors, are detached and cold and remark how they find things incomprehensible. They are candid, referring to others not of their race as inferior species who do not deserve to have powers such as their own, often claiming they have no need to answer their questions. They show a robotic personality, as they talk about their mission and how they allow no obstacles. The Maenads do not recognize others a threat, incapacitating them only to seize their desires and leaving them alive. They warn anyone whom they target to comply with their orders or otherwise to not obstruct them, only resorting to violence if they do not comply.
Maenads are pragmatic when it comes to achieving their goals. While most of them are hostile toward opposition, others speak without hostility, showing they only attack when ordered.

There are two Gods the Maenads are bound to follow: TheHoly God and Dark God (Maenhanoj). Due to the first grandfather paradox in circa 450 A.D., the fall of the Holy God perpendicular Rydia's appearance to the age, the Maenads believed Rydia to be their Holy God. Resulting from this, there is an entity known as, the Soul of Rydia, who’s time flows excessively than Rydia herself.4/5/014 Days of the Yore.

Lumière, Sun God, Maenad leader and gateway to the Sentience, needed avenge her great ancestors who lost their souls in the world battle long gone days of yore; sets her eyes on one she identifies solely as: Carrière. A young man, with a family tree that predates back to those days of yore, a fiend she describes as,‘Blasphemer obliterated our race under the moonlight’. Her vengeance is as follows: have Carrière obliterated while he becomes feeble. She creates, among her own, a soul doppelganger to Carrière's ally; furthermore, a close friend. Maenhanoj, who refers himself to Carrière's allies as "Jonah". His physical appearance resembles that much of Zach’s, with a few detail differences. Lumière's choice for an assassin to do the deed requested.“Feeble Carrière, mystify and assassinate him, go!”
With those words, Maenhanoj, who’s name is never revealed to the Carrière or his allies, is now on the hunt, releasing a menacing gist to anyone who encounters him.

Maenhanoj, (Maenad Menace メナドの脅威)is an entity, created by the Maenads (later resurrected by Lumière) in the distant millennium; Apparatus and the crystal. Their God, Lumière, beckon to have one of her own reincarnated; and remake the world, with the power of the Sentience~the crystal of life. Upon an unheralded success; a menace was born; mere form of an apparition. This spirit; one who guards the outer seal of the Apparatus, has the undying power to possess its targets. It takes form of a new soul; leaving the existing one lost in a void of despair. Before the fall of Paradise, Maenhanoj, was, but an ordinary soul, living among the Maenad race. It wasn’t until the tragic events that his soul would be of little purpose.

Carrière, (named 'Derrick' in English translation of Final Fantasy IX: The Zodiac Age) is a young man born in circa Quaternary 1995. He is a quiet, concentrated, self-direct man who's bloodline dates back the Medieval Ages, a time where Lumière, the Sun God, seeked revenge on Carrière's ancestors for the fall of their paradise. Carrière, being the target for obliteration during the Day of the Dire (第四紀 年頃) knows more than his allies about what happened before the dire event. Much like his father, who, due to a suspected blood tie, was absorbed in the time gate as well, tends to become introverted in certain social situations.

Carrière's mother (as described in DLC02 of Final Fantasy Type-0) was a once a kind, gentle woman and summoner of Madain Sari. Though after the loss of her child, Carrière, she became haughty, cruel, and single minded. She became paranoid and manipulative, gladly abusing the vast magical talent that villagers of Madain Sari displayed in order to further her goals. She shows no concern for the number of lives lost in her attempts to reach immortality and seems to block out the undying emotional pain for the loss of Carrière. She resembles striking personality to Zeal. The inscriptions of the Eidolon Wall honorific Mother Ayesha has the 'Motherly Summoner who protected our village after the storm'. This likely points to the aftermath of Lavos's destruction of Gaia. An inscription also recites the following: 
 'Lumière, protected
 us when the Red Star fell. She's since returned
 to the dust, promising to come again.'

The same words Eiko recited before leaving the village. Eiko also mentioned she was 11 years old at the time.

Holocene Era 1800, 199 years before the Day of Lavos.
Destined to sleep for millions of years, augmented power within, it's slumber, interrupted not once, not twice, but three times during the course of history.

1800 Gaia
Maenhanoj has summoned Lavos for reasons unheralded. It's true such intentions were to harness it's great power; that would prove inevitable.
With the presence of Lavos, black portal materialized and a gate was formed.
Destined to slumber for a million years and emerge circa 1999 A.D., the summons of Lavos circa 1800 convene a space-time distortion generated by it's premature awakening. Another unstable Gate was created, absorbing the entity and Maenads that follow him, scattering them through time.

Lost in time and space, initially devoid End of Time, Maenads research and study the phenomenon and science of the time gates. Coupled with the knowledge of the Time Gates, the Elevator was created. It's initial role was to stabilize pre-existing temporal anomalies, creating the temporary passages to cross from one era to the next. The exact manner the Maenads achieves this technological wonder is never clearly explained; however, it is possible that their curiosity and study of the Gate that first sent them to the devoid gave insight into the science of dimensional and temporal teleportation. It wasn't until some time later the Maenads discovered the Interdimensional Elevator, a device used to transport Maenads from the Subterranean and Lunar Subterranean to Earth and back. The Interdimensional Elevator mimics the Epoch in terms of it's ability to transverse through time without the use of Time Gates. Since Lavos is defeated, the Time Gates are closed, leaving the Interdimensional Elevator the only known method of time-travel in existence.
The rediscovery of the device prompted the events in Quaternary 2017, also known as Day of the Dire.

Quaternary 2017
The Maenads travel through the time using of the revamped Interdimensional Elevator to circa Quaternary 2017 in search for Carrière. Upon their arrival, they appear in an suburb settlement, sentience; they've come close, Carrière is near. They forcefully enter the residence and, without word, prepare to obliterate Carrière. Before the annihilation could occur, black portal materialized and Carrière, his ménage and the Maenads where absorbed in the portal, resembling similar occurrence in circa 600 A.D. Given the fact Lavos had prematurely awoken in circa 1800 before, another breed, likely a spawn formed sometime after 1999 A.D., which would later result in the sudden time gate formation in circa Quaternary 2017.

Absorbed into the gate, the victims were sent back in time to the Holocene Era 1800, Gaia. Another space time distortion, they seem to have overt some lost souls of Gaia and while feeble, slowly morph into the embodiment of that lost soul. In an unheralded race against time, Carrière and his ménage must remain strong, and not let the lost souls influence their minds to believing their not themselves and understand what exactly has happened a return to their own time. The lost souls are later to be confirmed as Zidane, Vivi, Dagger, Steiner, Freya, Eiko, Quina and Amarant; which, during the dire event, are considered the Judges of Gaia for their heroic acts initially done in circa 1800.

Holocene 1800
During the course of time revisited, the victims discover the presence of Lavos in Gaia; summoned by Maenhanoj, by a bystander Kingsglaive.
The initial rise of Lavos in Holocene 1800, likely prompted a world crisis and what was to be the fate in circa 1999 A.D. happened 1800, resulting the second largest space time distortion (the first time being circa 600 A.D.).
Due to Carrière and his allies defeating Lavos this time in circa 1800, the gate (which originally sent them there) has closed and the only device that could potentially travel through time is the Interdimensional Elevator.
The early discovery of Lavos's presence prompted his defeat in this time age (circa 1800) before it's early emerge to place the world into an apocalyptic state, though this likely distorted time in 1999 A.D., where Lavos susceptibility was defeated.

End of Final Fantasy IX Type-0 lore.
Facing Fate: The Zodiac Era lore:

The Golden Age (circa 500 BC e.g. The Zodiac Era)
After defeating the Sun God guarding the Interdimensional Elevator in Holocene 1800, six of 8 of Carrière's allies activated the device and, uncontrollable by their will, were sent not to their appropriate time zones, but instead the Golden Age circa 500 BC. During this time the Holy God, namely Soul of Rydia, had been deemed it; due to the grandfather paradox, Rydia's undying soul had never been lost.

Many space time distortions are happening, corrupting the past, present and future. During this time,Lavos still slumbers, and was never summoned by Maenhanoj or Magus; though due to the inconsistency of time events; the Fall of Zeal event had already occurred, and Schala was already consumed in the Dimensional Vortex that brought her to the Darkness Beyond Time. After Lavos was defeated, sent to the Darkness Beyond Time as well, where it intercepted Schala and merged with her to form the Dream Devourer, who, in its maturity, became the Time Devourer, a being capable of consuming all space-time.
Before the destruction of the Sun Cryst, knowing the result would kill Johnny (a biker, engineer, sky pirate and decedent of Foris Zecht) (one of in the explosion, black portal materialized, in a surge of unheralded events, absorbs Johnny inside, while afterwards destroying the Sun Cryst, giving the resulting explosion, instead of killing Johnny, the portal, likely a Gate, sent him through time and it is unclear what time era he has fallen to.

Later, before suspectingly heading off for Bahamut, Dimensional Vortices emerge throughout Ivalice, each with a doppelganger shade of the 3 victims (Carrière's allies) awaiting at the end. The shade is a manifestation of the victims' pasts selves; the self image of them lost in space time during the Day of the Dire. Returning the shades to the themselves opens the Time's Eclipse, a Gate awaiting at Sky Fortress Bahamut.
Before entering the Time's Eclipse, the team speaks with Montblanc beforehand. Montblanc explains the Gate leading to the Time's Eclipse is somehow connect to circa 1999 A.D. and warns a greater power rests within and beyond.

Within the Time's Eclipse, a Nyx from the future (シャドウシェード, possibly an alternate due to space time inconsistency. In his time, Nyx had passed), Rydia and their allies head off in the chronological Gates that eventually lead to the Dream Devourer.
Once there Steiner is overwhelmed with vague flashbacks of the past in which he cannot comprehend; one of them being at circa Holocene 1800 within the Evil Forest. Where the black mage Vivi manifest itself into the once-Mammon Machine, (referenced in the Esper Cave; to harness Lavos’ power in Antiquity into the Mammon Machine, etched into the black mage for immense power). the same red rock as Schala's Amulet, which Vivi carried in his possession during that era. Due to the unheralded and incomprehensible situation, Steiner lashes out, accusing Vivi for everything that has happened to him during the dire event, eventually battling against him until he is halted by Nyx and Rydia to calm down and come to his senses.

Facing against the Dream Devourer, neither Nyx or his allies can defeat it again.
Blinded by idealism, after "defeating" again, the Dream Devourer, Schala sees not Nyx, but Magus in his place, similarity at the same time as before, where she regains control of herself for a limited time and teleports Rydia and the 4 remaining victims away. She then tells Nyx, who in her eyes is still Magus he cannot hope to save her as long as people lean on the crutch of power. Nyx, now resembling a sentience similar to the victims of the dire event had in Gaia, feels for Schala, having very distinct and vague memories of Magus for unheralded reasons. Before Schala sends Nyx away, he points out that he's "finally remembered who she is now" and is teleported before he could further explain.
Character (Initial Statuses & Augments)
Thief Cuffs Effect

Null Knockback
Genji Gloves Effect
Item Plus
Null Weather & Terrain
Null Vitality
Double EXP & LP
Return Damage
Abilities at Start:

Abilities at Start:


Null Evade
Last Stand
Item Plus
Magick Lore
Doubles EXP
Abilities at Start:

*Most gameplay features are not revealed for the player to explore themselves without spoilers.

Jobs (Selective)
These jobs are unlocked after completing the game once. Episode Schala begins New Game+. FDLC releases version 3.1

Monk is now Bushido, suited for Kevin.
Bushi is now Kingsglaive Elite, suited for Nyx.
Uhlan is now Dragoon, suited for Freya.
Knight is now Swordmaster, suited for Steiner.
Machinist is now Kingsglaive, suited for Crowe.
Black Mage is now Summoner, suited for Rydia.

Kevin: License Board: Barbarian
Main focus are Axes & hammers (thus a Barbarian) and heavy armor. Maintaining Foebreaker abilities (Expose, Wither etc.) and no magick use. Has the ability for special weapon: Atlatl SMG. Axes & hammers use Vitality formula; Kevin's vitality is slightly higher than the others. The Sentience board brings a more balanced approach. In the original version alone, Kevin has access, by default, the Dreamseeker.

Nyx: License Board: Kingsglaive Elite
Main focus are Katanas and Ninja Swords with heavy and mystic armor. Can use all types of magic but specialize in Lucian royal family strengths (Ultimate Elemental), and signature technicks. The ability to wield dual daggers (Nyx's signature Kukris), only one can be wielded, and is Dagger, the speed formula, so his speed is slightly higher than the others.

Freya: License Board: Dragoon
Main focus are spears and a bit more variety of black magicks. Uhlan identical to Dragoon with more options for black magicks, and Jump skill. Spears uses strength formula, slightly raised her strength for the occasion. Heavy armor increases strength a bit more often.

Steiner: License Board: Swordmaster
Main focus are on the variety of weapons for any occasion. Staves and rods to potentially raise the strength of the Knight's Cure spells as such. All minor uses of all other weapons is for the subtraction of the second board option. Only job that can wield the Great Knife. Since can use all weapon types, all stats have been slightly raised, and some weapons increase slightly appropriate stats for the weapon formula.

Crowe: License Board: Kingsglaive
Main focus are small swords for the balanced foes. Uses a few axes and hammers, and the Kernel Prominence. (Durandal & Sima, Great Trango etc.) Strength slightly raised. Can use a few black magicks and a few time magicks (so time magick isn't completely cut out from the 6, no second board jobs).

Rydia: License Board: Summoner
Main focus are staves and bows. (Bows, only because Rydia is able to use all bows in FFIV). Seitengrat, now Grim Whisper is no longer the game's most difficult weapon to obtain. Rods and very few katanas. Can use all magick types, but only masters all black magicks (Rydia has always been proficient in black magic). Despite the Dragoon job using a bit more black magic, Summoner is the only other job besides Kingsglaive Elite that can use Meteor, a reference to FFIV, mainly.

Beginning version 3.0, Dual Daggers have been added to the board; only available for the Kingsglaive Elite class. Rydia's whips have been added, replacing Measures and her elemental affinity, Mist (Wind) have been improved.

Board Fixes (Characters made suited for the following boards)
- Kingsglaive Elite - Nyx (Use any other board besides the ones below for a second board option).
- Kingsglaive/White Mage - Crowe (Use the White Mage board first for a second board option).
- Dragoon/Time Battlemage - Freya (Use the Time Mage board first for a second board option).
- Swordmaster/Archer - Steiner (Use the Archer board first for a second board option).
- Summoner/Red Battlemage - Rydia (Use the Red Mage board first for a second board option).
- Bushido - Kevin (Use any other board besides the ones above for a second board option).