Understanding and using gambits can make the difference between a determined but artless mob and an effective adventuring party. Customize and turn gambits ON and OFF using the Gambits command in the Party Menu. Even should gambits be turned ON, commands given using the Battle Menu during combat always take priority. When the selected action is complete, any set gambits will resume. Any action available to a character will appear in a list of possible gambit actions. When a character learns a new ability, it is automatically added to the list.


RECEIVING lp & ap - obtaining licenses

Licenses, represent a character’s ability to use particular weapons, magicks, and techniques. Different licenses exist for each different type of ability, be it wielding of weapons or the casting of magicks.
Obtaining new licenses aids characters’ development by allowing them to wield new weapons, wear new armor and cast new magicks.
Obtain licenses for a character use the Licenses command in the Party Menu. LP (License Points), gained by defeating foes, must be spent to acquire new licenses on the license board. Only licenses adjacent to those already obtained are available for acquisition. AP (Ability Points), gained by defeating foes, must be spent to learn abilities from weapons/armors and keep them on the license board.
Abilities remain on the license board after gaining enough AP through battles. This allows a character to use the ability, whether it be during battle, or obtaining it through the license board, without having to equip the weapon/armor that carries it.
Abilities can be obtained from the license board using LP that have not gained enough AP. The ability will not have to obtained again using LP if the equipment is removed before gaining enough AP. Note that obtaining an ability using AP does not allow the acquisition to obtain new licenses. As new licenses become available, only abilities that do not have enough AP gained are removed from the board and in battle command prior to the removal of the equipment it came from; new licenses available are unaffected.

hyper mode

Mist Charges (within Hyper Mode) are special attacks each character can use while expending MP.
Mist Charges can be obtained only by defeating specific spawns of the Mist that carry greater power.
Characters have their own type of Mist Charge ability and can only master 4 Mist Charges.
*Ability Assist: Such as [Dispel Magick] will nullify magicks using elements while keeping the boosted power element affinity gives to magicks.
*Acquiring Mist Charge abilities increases the character’s max MP by 180.
Mist Charges do not require AP to keep them on the license board; as these are obtained solely from defeating the foe that carry them. Each Mist Charge ability is placed on the License Board after defeating the enemy carrying it. Their LP amount ranges from:
‘100:150:200:250’ based on the Mist Charge’s strength level. (Rank 1/2/3/4).
There are as many rare foes as there are Mist Charge abilities, (24 total Mist Charges) and each rare foe uses that mist charge as their signature move.
When a Mist Charge is obtained, the MP gauge becomes divided into sections based on the Mist Charge’s strength. Each Mist Charge obtained increases a character’s MP level, which is used specifically for Mist Charge abilities alone. If a player obtains a Mist Charge ability that is higher than the required level to use a Mist Charge, the character’s Mist Charge Level will increase to the required amount of the Mist Charge just obtained.
Ex: “Dark Spiral”: is ‘Mist Charge: Rank 1’ yet the player has obtained, from the License Board, “Pyroclasm”: ‘Mist Charge: Rank 3’, the character’s Mist Charge level will increase to Level 3, allowing the player to use a lower rank Mist Charge (e.g. “Dark Spiral”) without having to obtain Mist Charges in chronological order, (e.g. Rank: 1/2/3/4 respectively).