This is no ordinary war to a man of this stature...

"…We draw nearer to the Island. …The Island troubles me… I sense a dark force there. I have only visited this island once; and what I got; an unpleasant welcome. History is not a lie. What’s troubling more, myths may it be no more; legends become reality. Our faith must not fall, such as our persistence."



Focused on his studies after dire events from his past, the desire to understand mythology for him seems as an endless sea of addiction.

"If something such as an Apparatus is capable of brainwashing those who approach it's avenue, we are certainly dealing with an object of Sentience."



Deep within the chamber in Kyrgyzstan, rests, not only a deceitful shard, but also the Dragon of Thunder; few of the guardians of Sub-Terian.

"I ready myself with this armor, not to look pretty, you know."



Having fraught over brother's constant desire to explore that island, she only wishes for the answers to be understood.

"Something such as this capable of refining... 'mist'? It's more of an Apparatus than anything; a machine, and looks are deceiving..."



He believes the legend of the Sacred Dragon rests on that very island; in the Mist Palace.

"I am quite aware, myself, the danger of that Apparatus. From what I’ve read and seen so far around the world, it’s nothing shy of absolute pure mythology projecting a reality I wish wasn’t true either."



A seemingly magnanimous man, yet extremely bold, assertive and direct. Head strong and brave. Tends to be egocentric in social situations. Refuses to speak a word about his father, while tends to be somber when thinking about his gravely ill mother.

"When hopes arose, 'twas naught but an ordinary soul..."

"Something about the Earth’s core has them fascinated. Thus, this Apparatus was born, long in the days of yore. Whatever it is, the goal of their's was to get to its roots, grasp and secure whatever’s so special there."



Carefree, adventurous and gregarious. Lost both parents due to war. Due to that, tends to get hotheaded occasionally.

"I couldn't just stand there and let them put their lives at risk. I refuse to lose another one. ...Even if it costs my life."