FFXII: The Zodiac Era, the final mod in this little mod trilogy series. Following the past two mods of FFIV: The After Years, Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy IX-2. Looking back, my whole idea of this mod and it's story goes back to the events of FFIV: The After Years. So my mod's story was introduced in the first FFIV: TAY mod. FF9: TZA was the gut portion of the story, and FFXII: TZE was the ending/finale of the mod's story. After the ending of FF9: TZA, the interdimensional sought not to return events to a normal state, but instead is somehow altered in the course of accurate time, and sends the victims (my characters + Nyx and Rydia) to the land of Ivalice during the Zodiac Age (FFXII's time period) where this would be the defining moment to understand the truth and mysteries behind this dimensional elevator, how it runs, what alters it's courses, Vivi's purpose and Schala's amulet's use with it to end this time surreal time warping nightmare. FFXII: TZE, having the same benefits as the previous mod, introduced to a whole bucket of extra scenes, extra gameplay, new enemies and the very like, continuing to add more replay value to the game we love.

Facing Fate: Evil Mist Rebirth Debut (Interdimensional Trilogy Full Scenario)
BACKSTORY (Final Fantasy IV: The After Years [The Beginning])
In the beginning, Maenads had nothing. Their bodies ached and their hearts held nothing but hatred. They fought endlessly, yet death never came. Despaired, trapped within eternal quagmire. A soulless Maenad offered a serpent to the Sunshard and prayed for salvation. A soulful Maenad offered a reed to the Sunshard and asked for joy. A Maenad, born from these two, felt pity for the despair that had overran the Earth. They named the Maenad, Dykstra, God of the Sun. Dykstra made time, and divided it into day and night. Dykstra outlined the road to salvation, and gave Maenads joy. And Dykstra took endless time away from the Maenads. Dykstra created beings to lead Maenads in obedience to her. The Dark God, Maenhanoj, the Holy god, Rydia; many gods and demons. Finally, Dykstra set out to create Paradise; where Maenads would be joyful just by being there. But then, Dykstra's strength ran out, and she collapsed. All the Maenads grieved over this unfortunate event, yet Dykstra breathed her last. She returned to the dust, promising to return again. So the Sun God hasn't been lost. We must offer our prayers and not forget our faith. We wait and hope for the day, when the path to paradise will be reopened. Interdimensional...online...
ORIGINAL SYNOPSIS (Final Fantasy IX: The Zodiac Age)
Necron's resurrection and vengeance to complete what the previous embodiment was born to do. Necron's recreation of the Mysterious Girl, the Maenads to obliterate the prime target who happens to have taken on the art of summoning. Any surviving summoners must be obliterated. Legendary summoner herself, came through the same elevator, to warn and fight along with these innocent victims that were sent to the land of Gaia, by Necron, during the Holocene Era of 1800. The Interdimensional elevator, known as, transportation of the Maenads. The Maenads used a shard, activating such elevator to travel through the space time continuum. Once they located the prime target, their program was initiated and back through the Interdimensional elevator, they went. Through the process; these victims were sent there to relive, feeble and forget who they are and eventually evolve into the original souls that they now abstract. Resulting in a more gentle, peaceful death, Necron declares. The Summon Program, which is used to give the Maenads summoning powers, control Eidolons and Espers and grow their strength, the world of Gaia is now cloaked with augmented monsters; aimed to take the victims out, ordered by Necron.
SYNOPSIS (Final Fantasy IX-2 & Unheralded Silent Iifa)
Due to the failure of unfulfilled conditions, the phenomenon sent through a full circle and forced to, once again, relive through the world of Gaia; abstracting the previous souls once before, until the right conditions are fulfilled. There is one person, ought most forgotten during their first event, who's seen it all too many times. They must wait until the elevator secretes; and find the lost soul assumed to be forever trapped there otherwise, in the world of Gaia.
2 weeks after the nightmare of the prime target ended, another soul is plagued with similar nightmares as the previous embodiment.
The Interdimensional Elevator, now fully secreted, remains unsullied. Those unfitting victims have returned to there rightful place, yet the era of Gaia that once was Holocene of 1800 is now rigid and invariable. Time flows differently in the world of Gaia now, due to the Maenads wicked intentions.
As Queen Garnet of Alexandria rests her throne, the remaining judges of Gaia seek out the mysterious of their land, in search for an answer. Yet the one lost soul now plagued with nightmares, is now ensnared.
And the darkness remaining in your heart will project onto reality.
SYNOPSIS (Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Era)
The interdimensional sought not to return events to a normal state, instead altered in the course of accurate time, sending the victims to the land of Ivalice. One of the Sun God's followers, or a lost soul roaming for a new host; Necron sought naught in return. The defining moment to understand the truth and mysteries behind the dimensional elevator, how it runs, what alters it's courses of time, the black mage, Vivi, who parted sides to such maenads claimed responsible for the creation of such device. The black mage, gone, and its purpose, the use of Schala's amulet forged within to incinerate such apparatus beneath the roots, secure the broken coordinates, cease the alteration of course time concluding such a surreal, time warping nightmare.