FFXII: The Zodiac Era, the final mod in this little mod trilogy series. Following the past two mods of FFIV: The After Years, Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy IX-2. Looking back, my whole idea of this mod and it's story goes back to the events of FFIV: The After Years. So my mod's story was introduced in the first FFIV: TAY mod. FF9: TZA was the gut portion of the story, and FFXII: TZE was the ending/finale of the mod's story. After the ending of FF9: TZA, the interdimensional sought not to return events to a normal state, but instead is somehow altered in the course of accurate time, and sends the victims (my characters + Nyx and Rydia) to the land of Ivalice during the Zodiac Age (FFXII's time period) where this would be the defining moment to understand the truth and mysteries behind this dimensional elevator, how it runs, what alters it's courses, Vivi's purpose and Schala's amulet's use with it to end this time surreal time warping nightmare. FFXII: TZE, having the same benefits as the previous mod, introduced to a whole bucket of extra scenes, extra gameplay, new enemies and the very like, continuing to add more replay value to the game we love.