This game uses the trn engine. No special installation instructions. Simply download, unzip the archive and run tmr.exe.

This is an Alternate Fantasy inspired by Final Fantasy IX, referring to a world filled with puzzles and a series of enigmas and back history introduced to new world of magic, myths and legends; the. The protagonist of this adventure is Derrick Reyes. (Originally Vivi)

"The Mist: Evil, Mysterious, a substance and a byproduct of a refining process; one that is not produce, but discharged. Discharged through the roots of the Iifa Tree and sent across the island of Mahikea. In books, a creature said to be the one who breathes the mists: Soul cage, controls the growth of the roots of the Iifa Tree and the main purpose of the mist. Soul cage's role in the mist is to contaminate the island of Mahikea and simulate the fighting instinct. (ex. Mist monsters) This, as a result leads to war among the nations and every living thing. The mist does affect the mind, body and soul of those contaminated with it."

Present Day

"You've come far in the art of black magic, Derrick! At this rate, you'll be a sage in no time."
"Yeah, of course."
"Black magic is all about knowing the properties of things. Their weaknesses and strengths. Which magic works best against what type of target--
"What's wrong?"

"There's something…something that I've been neglecting; running away from, for a very long time."
"(?) How did I remember that...?"
"Derrick, let me tell you about the creatures on that island. The creatures that spawn from that mist are fearsome beasts, strong, and most of them have built an immunity against bullets. You remember that, right? So, it's critical you maintain that composure; especially if you plan on going there alone."

"...!? What's that's supposed to mean...?!"
"I'm just saying, you've tended to cling onto us last time. You always were working backstage".

"Oh, would you look at that! It's a note from our long lost father! And it reads…"
"Derrick, should you ever master the art of black magic, I would grant you the innate power of… was… offer...ma......sum......eidol..."
The words have fade away.
"Can't read that last part, the words fade away. ...Well it looks like he expected a lot more outta you after all! Guess you better master that magic and find out what your prize is!"

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